Blade & Soul: Tips for Beating Hacking Summoners

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Blade & Soul: Tips for Beating Hacking Summoners

Post by Boser1948 » Mon Apr 25, 2016 2:02 am

I split this guide into the 2 types of summoner bots i encountered out of the many games i played against them. i give detailed information for each class and organized it by class name. Both bots play very differently


. KFM's - This is extremely easy for you, run PvE Searing palm and individual fighting spirit and keep QE'ing and running in circles around the summoner avoiding sunflowers while using your counter to bait his Entangle (NOT ELBOW SMASH). This is alot better when you have HM Block but without is still doable. Basically you want to block and resist their entangle at the same time so you dont get knocked down, however if you do get knocked down its fine, because if youre close to them and run daze tab and use it fast enough, it will successfully daze the summoner. You can follow up with chain CC/searing palm/Fighting Spirit spam. otherwise id advise using your Z instead of your V to start the chain CC if you successfully resist the Entangle without being knocked down. If they Backroll(F) your Knockdown/Daze, then theres a short timeframe where you can tech chase it and re-CC them. This mainly applies to when you do the Trinket daze method and he backrolls it, i found it best to use your C instantly after he backrolls. otherwise youll have to run around in circles and resist for another 16 seconds, then continue back with the combo once he uses it again. Also you need get more BNS gold in the game.

. Assassins - this is extremely hard for you. Its an Inconsistent way of beating them and its your only option (to my knowledge). its random really, you have to get lucky when you Decoy that he knocks you down and you instantly use your (2) ground counter, and then the summoner follows up with a basic attack or something so that when he hits your ground counter you instantly go invisible behind him and stun him during his moment of mortality. then using backstab, followed with RB-f's then fighting Spirit followed by a (4) stun and more RB-f's. its likely youll just be winning by damage. like i said this is very inconsistent unlike other classes. youre in the same boat as Blade Dancer in terms of inconsistency.

. Destroyer - this is fairly easy for you, it requires you to have your fury, Shield, and Emberstomp up. theres an unsafe method you can do with tab trinket daze but i dont recommend it on destroyer. You MUST have HM emberstomp to do this. basically you need to emberstomp next to them, press your shield, let them Entangle you and then you ram them with fury followed by chain CC. if you miss it then youll have to wait for those cooldowns to be back up again. if they Backroll(F) your dazes/KD's, theres short timeframes in which you can re-CC them... essentially youre Tech chasing, but if you mess it up then you have to wait for your cooldowns to be back up again by running around them in circles.

. Summoner - you need to have Party dandelion spec'd. Keep your cat next to the summoner and run around in circles avoiding the sunflowers. While doing this you need to press your Counter(4) and then shortly after, use party dandelion so his entangle doesnt knock you down, in that timeframe you need to use your cat to CC him and then grapple him and follow up with sunflowers. he probably wont die from it but you can rinse and repeat or just run around him in circles until the time runs out and win by damage.


I think i can actually sum this up into one for all classes, Theres not a single class that cant win this matchup, this is essentially free wins. this is the dumber version of the bots and only 1 out of the 15ish Briar Patch summoners i fought used a trinket while they were CC'd, not sure why. Every 18 seconds the summoner will use briar patch, its extremely easy to see and has about a 1.5-2 second timeframe in which you can stun them while they use it. In the beginning of the match they will use briar patch right under them, so youll have to run around them in circles for a few seconds and wait for them to briar patch again. You must dodge their sunflowers by running around them!, they for the most part will not hit you, if some of them do then its all good, also dont worry about killing the cat. So when they use briar patch, follow up with a quick stun of any sort and follow through with a damaging combo, Refer to my detailed combo guides above for your class. if you dont manage on killing them then you can either wait for them to briar patch again and re-cc, or if youre confident in dodging... play for time.

All above only for reference. For more information, please go to

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